PS Mirabel proudly presents Treatment, an exhibition of contemporary abstract paintings and related works.

We invite you to join us at the preview on Thursday 17th January 6pm – 9pm. Refreshments will be provided.

The show will continue until 9th March 2013 at PS Mirabel (open every Saturday 11-5pm).

As an exhibition, Treatment explores the nature of abstract painting. The title refers to both the physical act of paint application, therapy in the creation of work, and psychologically, making sense of the world from the makers point of view. The show represents current themes in abstract painting, and is in turn a commentary on the artistic movements that have informed contemporary abstraction.
Treatment considers the intuitive decision making process of creating a painting, the multi faceted characteristics of paint, and the consequential actions of painting as an activity. It also investigates contemplation of the physical world. This scrutiny might refer to an avid interest, exploration and interpretation of physical form, or it could refer to ideas of escapism and a complete stripping down of elemental components and anything recognisable.
Notions of the sublime and our fundamental emotive response to simple form and use of colour are explored within the exhibition. It investigates the vast ambiguity and openness to interpretation of abstract painting, and its immediacy.

Treatment features the work of six contemporary abstract painters from across the UK:
Laura Jane Blake
Neill Clements
Terry Greene
Mark Kennard
Matthew Macaulay
Richard Ward

Curated by Lisa Denyer

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Matthew Macaulay – Construction

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Terry Greene – An ever-expanding, loving, joyful, glorious,and harmonious universe.

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