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Distort:Warp  The artists alteration and misrepresentation of the original.

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Holly Rowan Hesson. So Fire Me

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Jack Lewis. Palm Beach Casino

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Dai Williams. Aunt Peculiar

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Jack Doyle. Distort:Free Distort.  Warp:Bulge

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Carol Bushell. Uninvited

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Marielle Hehir. Fever Dream. What made it special made it dangerous

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Ian Williams. Old things that still work

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Richard Ward, Zach Mrcela. Distort:Warp

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Nicola Ellis. Marble Ink Drawing. Acrylic Ink Drawing. Glass Slag. Print of silicone through a mangle

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Aziza Mills. Large Crowd

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Lisa Denyer. Crystal. Mound

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Antony Clarkson. Awash

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