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PS Mirabel presents Graft.
Private View: Thursday 23 February 6 to 9 pm

Open Saturdays 11 am to 5 pm, 25th February to 1st April 2016

Graft is an exhibition at PS Mirabel, Manchester of new work from artists Holly Rowan Hesson and Rowan Eastwood exploring and expanding their shared interests in materials, intuitive process and responding to site.
Hesson’s work explores the gap between and interplay within purely sensory feeling and more literal, rational thought-based experience and an interest in the validity of uncertainty when approaching, experiencing and decoding the visual. Her work is concerned with the actual fragility and transience of what seems solid, weighty and permanent, both physically and also in the way things are perceived. 
Through intuitive and process-led image making, she creates dialogues with material, sites and residual memories. This interrogation regularly starts from abstract photographs made in situ capturing an interest in specific man-made structures, buildings and physical spaces. Using the visual language and formal concerns of abstraction, her resulting sculptural and installation work is multi-layered with uncertain depth of focus. 
Eastwood’s work focuses on minor alterations and installations in everyday environments. By working with various materials she explores different situations and creates responses that feel playful, instinctive and inherent. Works develop and progress over time, with external influences often having an effect on a piece; time, movement, natural elements and human interactions allow the piece to evolve with little influence from the artist. Encouraging these interactions, her intention is to leave familiar and accessible works that the viewer can engage with on a relatable level. 

When working in a situation or place she intends to grasp the viewer's attention through small, subtle adjustments which are crafted with a fundamentally lighthearted and impulsive approach. The final outcome can either be viewed as documentation of a prior process, or a piece which may evolve with its exhibition.

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Image credits: Jules Lister

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