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Curated by Emily Rusby and featuring artists from Manchester and across the UK ‘Factory’ is an exhibition bringing together a range of practices and discourse from the selected artists to explore the theme.

Factory is an exhibition that will bring together the many narratives interwoven within the theme to explore how these narratives play together within the works. Set against the industrial backdrop of Manchester the exhibition will feature artist from across the North East and UK. Each work has been specifically chosen for its particular investigation and portrayal of the theme; from the repetitive nature of factory production to the individualism, politicisation and the realities of what Factories are. The diversity of the work elevates the show from an simple exhibition to a discussion between the works, the audience and the artists about how the themes are represented and discourse they form within each other.

Selected Artists

Romily Alice | |Ness Donnelly | |Sophia Gardiner |Christine Lawley | Jane Lawson | Rebecca Long | John Lynch  | Kati Niemelä | Emily Simpson | Lauren Steeper | Pete Treglown | Maria Walker

PV 19th May

Special Opening Event 2nd June

The exhibition will be open every Saturday 11 – 5 until the 25th June

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