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Forwardslash is an exhibition at PS Mirabel of paintings by artist Ray Martin, winner of the PS Mirabel 2016 open exhibition.

Martin's work focuses on landscape; landscape in diverse and varied imaginings. His practice encompasses ideas of the digital, the removed, the hidden, of longing and second hand impressions.

Martin does not experience the landscape, he experiences images.

Moving from Siberia to the Himalayas, orange to green, mountaintop to desert trail, his landscapes become married, confused, obstructed. The world as seen through the prism of Martin's paintings is heightened, saturated, dreamlike. Flat colour and linear forms punctuate the undulating horizons and remove the images from their original context, opening new avenues of interpretation and imagination. The picture plane is reversed as we experience landscape through Martin's personal filter.

Forwardslash presents the viewer with a narrative of the artist's relationship with his selected source imagery.

Martin does not experience the landscape.



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