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16th March – 27th April 2013  [ open every Saturday 11-5pm ]

PS Mirabel proudly presents Mix, an exhibition that examines the nature of concrete. It combines works by artists experienced with the medium and others with a curiosity to explore, by utilizing techniques such as acid staining, imprinting, casting and spray concrete. Collectively the work is a vibrant and relevant illustration of the creative possibilities of the formless material.

Caroline Barker > Mat Cahill > Vin Cahill > Antony Clarkson > The Doberman Family > Jack Doyle Chin Keeler > Christine Lawley > St Patrick’s RC High School > Salford ISSP > Emma Tornero > Richard Ward > Dai Williams > Susan Williams > Jessica Loveday

We would like to thank Creative Impressions whose sponsorship helped make this exhibition possible.

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Mat Cahill, Emma Tornero and Chin Keeler    Untitled    Acid stain + spraycrete

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Dai Williams    Moon Pope    Spraycrete on mixed media

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Dai Williams   Safe    Spraycrete on mixed media

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Caroline Barker    Itchy Fluffy Hairy   Spraycrete on concrete

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Caroline Barker    Untitled    Spraycrete on concrete

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Caroline Barker    Untitled   Colour Hardener and acid on concrete

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The Doberman Family    A Second Incident Occurred    Spraycrete

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St.Patrick’s RC High School    Organic Forms    Imprinted tiles

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Jack Doyle    PK Texture    Imprinted concrete

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Antony Clarkson    Concrete Haiku    Site specific installation

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Susan Williams    Granny Squares    Pigmented concrete

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Richard Ward    Musique Concrète    Cast concrete

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Jack Doyle    Dust Ingot Pile    Cement, recycled concrete + dust

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